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Our clients' and partners' satisfaction is extremely important to us. We are pleased that so many of them also value cooperation with us:

Our clients' and partners' satisfaction is extremely important to us. We are pleased that so many of them also value cooperation with us:

One shall find here many tips and practical information on property and secure capital investment.

Is investing in property even worth it? We know the answer!

A growing number of people think about capital investment in properties. Considering the current conditions it seems to be a good strategy – interest rates are at low level, housing and rent prices have been systematically growing, yet they still are at a level not significantly lowering the demand. On the other hand, the general economic situation is unsteady and uncertain – inflation is on an increasing trend, currency ...

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Learn the most important terms, which will help you to understand the property world and the scope of our buisness.

A transfer of rights and obligations to a specific property purchased by HB PREMIUM. The creditor (cedent), subject to the payment of a fee, transfers his/her rights and obligations resulting from the agreement entered into between him/her and the property’s owner or the developer, to another person (assignee).

Assets which constantly generate income and/or profits. In practice this means that work or investment performed just once generate revenue without the necessity of further work. One example of such an income is a property investment.

The waiting time for granting full ownership. This concerns a case when a claim to establish a separate ownership of the premises is made. On the basis of a notarial deed it can be disposed of or inherited. It also is enforceable by execution. It is mainly applied in the case of contracts entered into between developers (or cooperatives) and persons who wish to come into ownership of a property still under construction. Since the ownership shall be transferred only after establishing a separate land and mortgage register for a given unit, an expectative provides a form of guarantee and increases security of a buyer.

Purchasing and increasing the market value of a property to resell it for profit. HB PREMIUM also enables a partial participation in the cost of purchase of property and distribution of profits on sale.

A general rise in the price of goods. This is a situation when the same amount of currency gradually buys fewer goods and services. The purchasing power of money is being reduced, what frequently leads to investment of capital in fixed assets, such as e.g. properties.

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