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HB Premium

Since 2016 at HB Premium we focus on capital preservation investments in the real estate market. We create for our clients the most efficient and proven solutions ensuring long-term use of a product. This is possible due to skilful selection of properties so that they combine maximization of revenue with an appropriate level of quality.  

Our mission is to deliver an investment product being a safe haven for Your capital. The company’s extensive experience on the market and practical knowledge of the HB PREMIUM team allow You to enjoy the fruits of regular, passive income. All of this without the risk of making your own mistakes when purchasing a property. In our comprehensive approach we are engaged in reliable and safe capital investments – from selecting the right ergonomics of an architectural design, through the organization of renovation works, to selection of a safe and responsible tenant. 


By deciding to entrust us with selecting and organizing the whole process of investment in a property you can be sure that we shall take care of its every stage. Our experience, practical knowledge and know-how allow us to choose the right products and solutions guaranteeing safe and reliable investments. We offer a comprehensible assistance on your road to achieve passive income – from choosing and adapting an adequate property, through finding reliable, long-term tenants to handling of the most detailed necessary documentation.


By working with us you worry neither about the success of the project nor the security of your funds. Every investment is financially secured by the Polish company’s capital that exceeds an average transaction value. Moreover, every implemented investment is selected so as to meet Your needs, help You to maximize profits from it and enjoy a stable, regular income.


Our experience gained over the years and knowledge of the mechanisms that characterize the real estate market allow us to efficiently and swiftly select adequate products and solutions for our clients. This guarantees you savings in time as well as peace of mind that Your capital is in good hands and shall be invested so as to generate maximum profit.

How do we do it? - Timeline

If you are considering investing in a property see what our cooperation will be like as well as with how many projects and on how many stages we can help you:


This is a preliminary stage of talks, when we establish the investor’s preferences and budget. On this basis we define his/her investment strategy.


We provide the investor with a specific plan and possible scenarios of a given investment. We are prepared for each and every eventuality, therefore we strengthen security of the invested capital.


When the investor decides to a given solution, we prepare documentation and finalize the purchase transaction. We verify the legal status of the property, negotiate, coordinate signing of the preliminary and final agreements. For the convenience of investors, especially those living abroad, we also appear before a notary as their representative.


We can begin! We manage the investor’s capital in a manner chosen by him/her and conduct further, extended activities.

HB PREMIUM is a family business, supported by Polish capital, which in the daily work always puts its client’s satisfaction and peace of mind as well and long-term, friendly relations first. We do not work on a large scale, therefore we can focus individually on every project and personally suggest the best solutions tailored to the needs and investment capabilities of the client.

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